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On my most recent visit to NYC, thanks to Metro-North, my cousin and I decided to eat some noodles for dinner at Republic on the corner of Union Square W and 17th St. We were in the mood for either Italian or Thai, and since we were about two blocks away from Republic, which we have been to before, we decided to revisit the trusty noodle shop. The restaurant is long and crowded, at least it has been the two times we have been there. They seated us extremely quickly was exciting, however we were less than excited when our table was one shared with another couple. If you’re going to dine at Republic, I recommend not going on a first date there since it is a bit noisy and the seating is less than spacious. But our water was quickly served and our waitress bounced over with an electronic pad to take our orders (pretty spiffy!). My cousin dared to try something besides the Seafood Pad Thai (I wasn’t as adventurous as she) and ordered the Glass Noodles. After ten minutes of waiting, we tried our noodles and both of us were incredibly satisfied with our orders! When you want some Pad Thai, a tasty dish of it really hits the spot. And combined with a glass of Asian Sangria, their concoction with passion fruit, and lychee, amongst other ingredients, the dinner was perfect.

If you need a place to eat, don’t mind sitting next to strangers, and are especially in the mood for noodles, check this place out!


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