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I can’t believe a new Kindle has come out. I feel like I just got the Kindle 2 for Christmas… what is a girl to do? I hear it is smaller, lighter, has buttons that are more easily depressed (big difference here being not having to press inwards on the Kindle, but out), and has better button placement. Oy. This is always going to happen in the world of technology though, right? Everything coming up new every time you get the latest new gadget; you get it just in time to hear about a newer and better version. Hello capitalism, I enjoy supporting you with my money!

On another, lighter note, I thought I would share a picture of my nails… with the butter All Hail McQueen nail polish! I finally took a mini snapshot of my nails with the polish on… I had to. The color is so pretty! Hopefully my Blackberry camera didn’t ruin the beauty of the polish!

So pretty right!

The flash makes the color look the teensiest bit off, but you can generally adore the shimmery taupe color 🙂 IMG00049-20101025-2229

Love this stuff. Perfect for everyday and it chips incredibly discreetly so you really don’t have to worry too much about the horrors of a chipping polish!


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Today I had the pleasure of visiting downtown Kirkland for a Starbucks meeting. Thanks to the early person in me, I arrived way early and got to check out some of the local shopping. And lucky me, I found some butter London nail polishes! I despise paying shipping prices for online items but fortunately ran into quite the selection at Seduce, a clothing boutique right on Lake St in Kirkland. Though I cringed at the price I had to pay I am so excited to try out the new colors I purchased! Currently I have “All Hail McQueen”, a shimmery taupe which I adore, and today I added “Blowing Raspberries”, a bright raspberry hue, and “British Racing Green”, a shimmery, deep forest green, to my Butter collection. Woot!

Check them out, I highly recommend them with their no-chip policy.

All Hail McQueen

Blowing Raspberries

(A bit pinker in person than this picture shows)

British Racing Green

(A deeper green in person)

Check out the rest of the collection online: butter London

Or better yet, check out the collection on their website and buy through Amazon, especially if you have Amazon Prime with which you receive free shipping!

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