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We all like a good, relaxing, sun-filled vacation once and a while (or more than once and a while). Now that I am on the West coast, these vacations, which will be few and far between, will probably take place in Hawaii if I want my share of sun and relaxation. I’ve been to a few of the islands: Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Lanai, and plan on visiting more. However, whenever I leave with my bag full of shopping and souvenirs, I don’t usually feel like I’m bringing home the perfect souvenir for any of my friends and family. But, I might have found the perfect alternative to cheap and tacky souvenirs from Hawaii, without even having to go!

One’s of my boyfriend’s best friends from home started her own Maui-inspired jewelry line, based in NYC. Tiffany Chou uses shells and other ocean elements she finds on the beach (never plucked from the ocean) to cast necklace pendants in silver and gold. Her designs are beautiful and delicate, so if you want a bit of authentic Maui on your jewelry, check out her website.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Honeycomb Coral

Listen to the Ocean



And one of the best parts of her jewelry line is that 5% of the proceeds go toward the Dancing Palette and the Coral Reef Alliance.


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