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Everyone seems to be releasing their versions of the eBook reader. It’s getting harder to decide which one is the one to purchase! I didn’t have a choice in the matter and also happen to be very content with my holiday gift, the Amazon Kindle. However, seeing new eBook readers come out makes me wish I could own more than one, but they aren’t the cheapest commodity for a soon-to-be graduate.

The Kobo eReader will be released on Father’s Day in June and it has some of the same functions as does the Kindle, and the Nook. It does not have a separate colorful library presentation as does the Nook, but seems to be more similar in interface to the Kindle. However, from what I could tell from it’s website, it looks more customizable than Amazon’s Kindle. I think one of the best features about the Kobo eReader software-wise is the ability for the user to sort through their library easily, using chapters to move throughout the book, instead of the locations used by Kindle. It will give the user more ease at finding their place in their book, in addition to skipping around to random pages. Also, it’s a nice touch to have the book covers viewable, where in the Kindle, there is no option to view all of your books by cover, and even when you open your book, it’s right to business, starting on the first page of the first chapter. The Kobo also includes a nice built in quilted back cover, a nice addition to the eReader lineup, that is meant to mimic the feel of a real book (it also makes it look quite cute, in addition to the cute customizable front panels design accessories). The only weird thing about this eReader, in my opinion, is the small blue navigation button. It looks like it might be awkward to control and navigate the reader. The side buttons also look a little small to manage… the Kindle’s large buttons simplify the task of turning that page! Not that I’m saying it’s difficult… Still, at $150, it presents a competitively priced unit that could present competition for other established eReaders like the Kindle. Who knows how good its library really is though… you can’t beat Kindle’s library of over 500,000 books!

But at less than 8 ounces (compared to Kindle’s 10.2 ounces), it could be the next big thing. Maybe.

Kobo eReader

Kobo eReader


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