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Of course Piperlime had to send me a weekly email, one that contained just what I really don’t need to spend money on: shoes. Floral shoes, in particular. Here are my favorites from this wonderful devilish newsletter that hopefully won’t wreak havoc on my credit card bill:

kate spade purple with a bow
Mmm royal purple and a bow…
yellow suede pump
Hello, yellow suede.
tie dye purple and white with a rosette
Tie-dye and flowers? I think I will finally own something tie-dye.
t-strap heel
And a little bit of fifties to mix it up.

Kate Spade Gillian: $325.00; Elizabeth and James Madison: $350.00; AK Anne Klein Kalei: $79.00; Seychelles Veronica: $90.00.


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Who knew that Ralph Lauren had a “Create Your Own” shirt section of their website? The Ralph Lauren shirt is a classic, the hallmark being the polo playing jockey on horse. The great thing about the Create Your Own shirt option on their website is that you can completely customize it, from choosing the number of horses on your logo in addition to the embroidery color and of course, the shirt color.

The only problem is that they run a bit pricey, but I suppose for getting a completely customizable shirt in return (you can even get your initials on some of the shirts, and the USA ones put your name on the back!), it’s just about worth it.

This would be my choice, though I can’t decide if I really would want my initials plastered (sewn) to the front of my shirt, would you?

ralph lauren oxford

Striped Skinny Oxford: $89.50.

Several of the Create Your Own shirts are on sale here!

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I got Kindled.

For Christmas this year, my boyfriend utterly and totally surprised me with a Kindle. I know I said previously I wanted the Nook, but apparently it’s not quite ready to be used as a trusty, serious eReader. And I am loving my Kindle with very little to complain about.

Reading on a Kindle really is like reading a paper book: it’s easy on the eyes, with adjustable text sizes, and a cute white exterior. The wireless WhisperSync technology makes it easy to download books anywhere (within the US), though some areas have less reception like some areas have bad reception for my Verizon cell phone. Another nifty thing I’ve found through Kindle help blogs is the ability to search by price (aka for those free ebooks) through Amazon. I’ve downloaded a bunch of Classics, in addition to newer books with the limited au gratin price tag. I just finished my first book, The Crossroads Cafe and it was one of the most moving books I have read in a while (and it was one of the freebies, though now owns a $9.99 price tag, lovely timing).

One of my friends from home mentioned her mother receiving a Nook from her son; hopefully she’ll like it though, I was very tempted to recommend her waiting out the next release of the Nook. Oh well, as long as I’m happy with my Kindle and the Nook works for her, there’s nothing to complain about here :).

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