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Jewelry Treats

I am loving these new Tiffany & Co. designs. The blue enamel is so adorable and gives the perfect contrast to the silver. Just admire and smile 🙂

snowman necklaceshopping bagcandy canepink heartgift boxice skatebox with diamonds

Put these on my wishlist please!

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry


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Have you seen Jypsi?

More like have you heard Jypsi. Jypsi is this awesome, young, sibling, bluegrass/country group from Nashville, TN. I first heard them at the Festival in Sandpoint, ID and they weren’t at all what I was expecting from a group described as bluegrass from Nashville. Their young energy carries through into their music and to their onstage appearance. One of the girls had a bright, light pink bob (it was a wig, at least I’m pretty sure), and their clothing was eclectic, colorful, and youthful. I guess I had a stereotypical image of a cowgirl in my head, with her cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

Then when they began singing (they were the openers for Clint Black– I liked them better) my smile spread from ear to ear. Hear them for yourself:

They know how to sing, harmonize, and leave a real, accessible message in their music.

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We’ve all heard of the Kindle, Amazon’s hit eBook reader that makes it easy to take your library with you, where ever your life may lead. More recently, Barnes & Noble’s Nook has come onto the eBook reader radar, bearing a lending program between Nooks in order to save some money. They are both on my wishlist this December (one of course, preferably the Nook, but I really can’t be picky, plus the Nook isn’t set for release until January 11th), but I just picked up something a bit, well, cheaper.

The MobiPocket eBook reader can be downloaded to your computer and to your mobile device (here are the supported devices) for free. Yes, I said the magical four letter word: F-R-E-E. No money involved… to download it that is. Then you’ll have to pay for the books you wish to read. However, I’ve found through my library’s website that they now have a digital selection, both audiobooks and eBooks available for download. I just downloaded the program to my Palm T/X and am very excited to start the sans paper reading (though I’ll still be using paperbacks for most things)!

MobiPocket Reader

View of Apps Screen on Palm



Kindle 2


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