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Cold Comfort Farm

My boyfriend got me a Netflix subscription for my birthday; he knows I love my media, whether it’s television shows, movies, internet surfing. You name it and probably love it. Anyways, the Netflix subscription is working out great so far: it’s definitely one of those under tapped resources for a media junkie like myself.

I’ve gotten many mainstream, big budget films, those ones you just have to see so that you can say you’ve seen them. But what I was especially impressed Netflix can do is build up a personal profile to suit each person’s movie tastes. You rate the movies, they’ll recommend more; it’s too easy (and time consuming…).

One of the first movies I received based on their recommendations was a film I knew was perfect for the fall to set the tone right: Cold Comfort Farm. First of all I should start by saying I have a thing for English movies. It might be the accents, the culture, the clothing, the mannerisms, it might be something less tangible. They just transport me to another world, outside of work, studying, and college. Ha! Imagine that. This movie was able to do just that for me. It was humorous, weird, offbeat, and best of all had good acting. It was one of those quirky English films you always want to find and watch but never know where to look for them.

In Cold Comfort Farm, Flora, a new socialite orphan, decides to follow her passion to become a writer by experiencing real, interesting life with her cousin’s family at Cold Comfort Farm. Apparently the farm has a curse on it and the cousin must, she MUST, take Flora in, even with her weird family (and self) and all. Flora proceeds to make everyone’s life much better, and mine too. It started off so quirky, with sketched drawings of a countryside, but somehow the opening scene of the movie ends up in London.

So bottom line? Get Netflix if you aren’t already an avid, addicted subscriber, and add Cold Comfort Farm to your queue ASAP.

Cold Comfort Farm Image


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Andrea Carrano

Every girl likes a little something in her closet from her mom that gives her outfit that bit of sparkle and pop. You know you have a pretty cool mom when all of the girls ask you, “Where in the world did you get that?” That’s exactly the response I get from a pair of flats from my own mother. They are the cutest mustard yellow, with suede material cinching on top of the toe, and the cutest little pointed toe to top it all off.

Unfortunately, the creator of these magnificent shoes, Andrea Carrano, passed away years ago. However, his wife is looking to revive the brand. I just wish I could find some of these creative shoes somewhere.

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Red red red

I promise I will stop repeating words eventually, but I thought it was the best way to bring attention to my new love for red. I am loving anything red from a firetruck red standout piece or something red in the accessories… oh my oh my.
Red Moschino BootiesRed Coat with Gold ButtonsCross Body Bag
Moschino Suede Booties: $660 (slightly out of my price range but still dreamworthy); Via A-Line Coat: $149; MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Classic Q – Derby’ Crossbody Bag: $188

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Hello world!

It’s taken me over a year, but I finally did it, I made a blog. Here we go…

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